Jane Feaver



Corsair, April 2021

'I was blown away by Crazy. A book without the slightest self-importance, fed by a subterranean stream one part anger to two parts love, and all done with the kind of skill and care that marks Jane Feaver out as a writer in the top rank. Brilliant.' Andrew Miller

'Crazy is an uncompromisingly honest account of how we build our lives, and how, just as often, we manage to wreck them. Set amid the debris of a marriage which still haunts her, Feaver's beautifully written and startlingly frank book is so humane in its hard-won wisdom that every reader will recognise themselves in it. I finished Crazy in one sitting and then, some weeks later, I found myself reading it again cover to cover.' Vesna Goldsworthy

'Jane Feaver's 'Crazy' crackles with energy, integrity and a deep poetic sensibility. A raw and disturbing story of obsessive attraction, it obsesses the reader also, with the force of a haunting.'

Julia Copus

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According to Ruth

Harvill Secker/Vintage 2007

'A first novel of extraordinary intelligence and charm - it's a bleak enough narrative, but also extremely funny.' The Times 

'An intimate portrait of a bohemian family in the sticks - great stuff.' Blake Morrison

'As a portrait of a time and a place, it's pitch-perfect.' Observer

'An outstanding debut...a remarkable book and a very convincing one.' Irish Times

Shortlisted for:

the Author's Club Best First Novel Award

the Dimplex Prize


Love me Tender

Harvill Secker/ Vintage 2009

‘Ribald, exuberant and sophisticated...a complete joy.’ Daily Telegraph

'She has a way of teasing out the comedy of people struggling to deal with..."the long littleness of life".' The Times

Shortlisted for the Edge Hill Short Story Prize

Longlisted for the Frank O'Connor short story prize

love me tender.jpg

An Inventory of Heaven

Corsair, 2013

'More intimate than Thomas Hardy and as perceptive too... Jane Feaver is a supremely compelling chronicler of rural isolation.' Michael Morpurgo

'Accomplished in every way... a true delight.' Independent

‘The observation, the ear, the breadth of imaginative sympathy – all these reminded me why it’s worth reading fiction.' Sean O'Brien, TLS


Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days.


Flannery O'Connor