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'Feaver has spun the facts into a terrifying and generous and – actually – beautiful vortex. Nothing feels hidden, but, more important, nothing is pointless or excessive.... Crazy is not autofiction but a true novel, a dramatic story of fifty years of life that is impressively level, free of blame and accusation and self-pity.' Michael Hoffman, London Review of Books 

'Funny, philosophical, sobering and wise, Crazy is crammed with insight and laced with great sentences.' Claire Kilroy, Guardian

'Feaver’s stunning fourth book counts among the most successful experiments in the form [autofiction].’ ‘Tackling sex, writing and office politics, Jane shrewdly eyes her youthful guilelessness in a satisfyingly rich and complex narrative that rings so messily true to life, it almost feels transgressive.’ Anthony Cummins, Daily Mail


‘Startling …the narrator of Crazy is Jane, who describes her thirty-five year long obsession with an alcoholic. I have yet to read a better account of the way in which the tales we tell about ourselves are themselves a form of addiction.’ Frances Wilson, TLS, Summer Reads

‘This is one of those books – you want to read it again from the moment you finish it. Brilliant, illuminating, fierce and feminist.’ Julia Bell


‘Terribly funny, appallingly grim, acutely observed. It’s wonderful.’ Sean O’Brien


'This book is brilliant- brave, truhful and intelligent.’ Wendy Cope

‘Raw, graphic, literally visceral, poetic exploration of toxic parents and obsessive love for a brilliant, cruel, troubled man…[an] extraordinary novel.’ Saga Magazine

'I was blown away by Crazy. A book without the slightest self-importance, fed by a subterranean stream one part anger to two parts love, and all done with the kind of skill and care that marks Jane Feaver out as a writer in the top rank. Brilliant.' Andrew Miller


'A taut, intelligent and engaging addition to the genre... Crazy is grounded in the arguments, the dirt and the agonies of the everyday. The descriptions of hospital appointments and medical procedures are, for my money, among the most fully achieved moments in the book… the book also has a great deal to say about contemporary arguments over racial and sexual power.’ Novel of the Week, The Tablet, James Moran


‘Heart-bumpingly evocative of place and time, and a resonant, compelling act of creative remembering, of early life regrets and mistakes that might not have been either’ Richard Beard


'Jane Feaver’s Crazy is a wonder. Is it a memoir? Is it a novel? Who cares? It’s amazing, heart breaking and life enhancing all at once. So much to take in. Do read it!’ Adele Geras

'Crazy is an uncompromisingly honest account of how we build our lives, and how, just as often, we manage to wreck them. Set amid the debris of a marriage which still haunts her, Feaver's beautifully written and startlingly frank book is so humane in its hard-won wisdom that every reader will recognise themselves in it. I finished Crazy in one sitting and then, some weeks later, I found myself reading it again cover to cover.' Vesna Goldsworthy


'Jane Feaver's 'Crazy' crackles with energy, integrity and a deep poetic sensibility. A raw and disturbing story of obsessive attraction, it obsesses the reader also, with the force of a haunting.'

Julia Copus


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